IoT Solution

Solusi pengendalian, komunikasi, dan kerja sama berbagai perangkat keras melalui jaringan internet.
Solusi IoT menggunakan berbagai perangkat sensor, gateway dengan platform machine learning untuk meningkatkan kinerja dan analitik berbagai aplikasi.



Merupakan system yang berfungsi untuk melakukan monitoring, pengukuran satu atau lebih kondisi dari suatu objek secara terus menerus dan menyimpan hasil pengukurannya dalam bentuk digital yang dapat diakses dengan mudah melalui program aplikasi komputer sehingga mempermudah memahami kondisi dari objek tersebut.



  • Memonitor kondisi pada ruangan ATM, seperti : Suhu, Kelembaban, Lampu, Pintu, Getaran, Gerakan, Camera, dan Alarm Notifikasi.
  • Data yang di ambil untuk bisa di monitor dengan menggunakan sensor yang diletakan di ruang ATM di setiap lokasi.
  • Data dapat di kirim dari ATM ke user via Modem 3G/4G (contoh: HTVs B200/HTVs B400) atau Vsat.
  • User dapat secara realtime memonitoring kondisi ATM.






A. How "The Internet of Things" is Affecting the Construction Industry

  • Basically, technology is widely used in many fields and provides many advantages, as well as construction machinery. IoT application to the heavy equipment industry in this industry.
  • Construction tools are not easily controlled and operated tools. Construction tools are also not an easy tool for maintenance. Due to its large size and work field, the device carries a huge safety risk for its workers. With the help of IoT technology, the constraints become easier to deal with

B. Issues in Construction

  • It is not known when the engine started operating
  • Quality control should be in the construction area
  • Data on the use of the machine if there is damage to the machine does not exist
  • Tool to report if there is damage to the machine is not in possession
  • Materials related delays, labor and equipment related

C. Topology

D. IoT Implementation in the Construction Industry

Monitoring Critical Machinery

Monitoring critical element on truck from engine components to tire pressure can be monitored both onboard and remotely enabling predictive maintenance


GPS Location

If there's an incident each worker can be located in minutes


Monitor Alerts

Cab sensors monitor drivers for alertness and should a driver become tired automatically notify both the driver and remote operation center


Leverage IoT for maximum efficiency

IoT solution for construction help automate operation for maximum efficiency by leveraging the internet of things where every device interacts with each other and turns information into action.


Alert vehicles approaching a pit too quick

Monitors can also remotely alert vehicles approaching a pit to quickly help to ensure the safety of the driver and other working in the pit.

A. Target Beneficiaries

Our goal is to enable farmers who have semi to high intensive shrimp farms to develop a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

B. Problems

  1. Difficulty in tonnage estimation which leads to incorrect forecasting of profit/ loss
  2. Monitoring water quality of pH, DO, temperature, etc.
  3. High Initial & Maintenance cost
  4. Manual work causing in increased human error

C. Our Solution

  1. Sensor as a Service
  2. Real-time Monitoring:
  • Monitoring of water quality
  • Streaming of data to cloud
  • Notification
  1. Farm Information & Management @your fingertip

D. Our Technology Landscape

E. Business Case

Cost and benefits of AquaEasy

  1.  Farm Management Made Easy
    Quick and easy monitoring of daily activities in the farm anytime and anywhere. Farm Information & Management @your fingertip, LIVE
  1. Risk Mitigation
    Enable farmers to identify, analyze, prepare, react & be proactive at the moment something is going to go wrong
  1. Cost Saving & Peace of Mind
    No huge upfront cost, peace of mind in terms of maintenance
  1. Improve Efficiency & Accuracy
    Perform multiple readings digitally, directly on site, reduce human error.

A. VAS Wi-Fi System Feature

In recent years, with the rapid increase in the number of intelligent mobile , more and more demands for the Internet in our daily life are required during the travel time. Based on this, ACiS corporation has successfully developed the overall bus Wi-Fi and Entertainment solution integrating the Media Wi-Fi router with the bus free wifi system. From taxis, minibuses and buses through to the largest touring coaches. ACiS’s bus WiFi technology provides full-featured and powerful WiFi and Entertainment for any size passenger vehicles and brings great experience for the passengers.


B. HTVs B200+ Multimedia Bonding Router

ACiS's BUS WiFi and Entertainment Solution consists of high performance 3G/4G Wi-Fi router (Model: HTVs B200+ Multimedia Bonding Router) with built-in Solid State Disk (SSD) and Cloud Management Software. As a Wi-Fi hotspot and entertainment platform, Model: HTVs B200+ Multimedia Bonding Router easy installed in public transport such as city buses, coaches, tourist bus, subways, trains and some public places such as cafe, restaurant, station, terminal building and other places with wide Wi-Fi  coverage range.

After connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot, not only can users surf internet and enjoy local movie, music, news and other info stored in the local Server.

The solution creates a new experience for passenger during on board.



Spesifikasi : 

  • Dual SIM – Bonding VPN Technology and Load Balance Maksimum Speedtest for Internet link, and High Throughput for Bonding VPN link
  • Multi-Operator 3G/4G (LTE)

            4G (LTE)           : Band1/3/7/8/20 (800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz )

            3G UMTS         : 900/2100 MHz

  • Support Wifi and Hotspot (50-100 User)
  • PPTP/L2TP/OVPN Tunneling Protocol
  • Routing Function (RIP, OSPF, BGP)
  • GPS Support
  • 4 Port LAN Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
  • Entertaiment Platform
  • Bandwidth Monitoring Platform


C. Topology

D. Device Management System

  • Make it easy to monitor if there is damage to the device so that it can be repaired immediately.
  • Centralize monitoring and configuration activities across the network, making management simpler.
  • Track the location where the vehicle installed HTVs B200+ Multimedia Bonding Router is located.